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Whether you are a candle enthusiast or a casual candle user, Bel Tifi Candles offers a satisfying selection of candles for those seeking relaxation and smell good aromas. 


Candles are made from locally sourced ingredients, ensuring products from Bel Tifi meet our exceptional quality guidelines. Despite the season, Bel Tifi has candles for every occasion.  


I bought the Teakwood candle and I have never been more pleased! The candle burns well and fills my bachelor's pad with a soft aroma of wood and cedar.

Spa Day.png

A part of my self-care routine includes a glass of wine and the Spa Day candle.  Why spend money at the spa when you can have the experience at home. I will definitely return for future purchases.

Sugarcane .png

It's the Sugarcane for me.  The candle reminds me of the sweet morning dew. I kick back with a nice book and enjoy the smell of sugarcane and nature.  Thank You Bel Tifi!

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