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White Candles with Plant Decor


During the pandemic, when the odds were against the world, Bel Tifi was born.  Bel Tifi Candles is a Haitian-Black-owned small business. The word Bel Tifi is a creole word that means Pretty Girl.  The team at Bel Tifi wants every person that lights a candle to experience the beauty of the world one aroma at a time. 


We wanted to share something with the world, the unique attributes of the Caribbean through the expression of scents and fragrances.  Candles are hand-curated and made with perfection can care. 


Once you lit a Bel Tifi candle, the aroma will transcend you to a destination of your choice.  If you desire a cabin in the woods, Teakwood is your candle of choice. Need to relax and wind down? Champagne, Stress Relief, and Spa Day will work perfectly.  Imagine you are on an exotic Caribbean island sipping on a tasty drink of your choice while wearing a bathing suit that makes you feel like a million bucks, the candle Tropical Oasis is waiting for you.  Sis, take a SNIFF! (Snaps fingers), get your Bel-Tifi Candles TODAY! Check out our store and special offers. 

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